Platinum Patti

Meet “Platinum Patty”

my  birthday doll

Last year I learned about a fiber artist who celebrates her birthday by  making a doll.  I decided I would do the same and made a doll from the gift wraps that were used on presents my sister sent me.  I called her “Sallie Fran”.

This year was a landmark birthday so Ed (my husband) and I decided to celebrate by spending a week by the sea.  We traveled to Oceanside where we had rented a condo at North Coast Village.  I brought along a little bag of stuff that could be used to make a doll.   On my birthday I birthed “Platinum Patty” at the dining table. I had hoped to incorporate beach items in the doll, but the beach at Oceanside is quite clean and the beach-combing rather scant.

Her arms and legs are wrapped fabric rolls.  Her hair is a scrubbie – to represent my every greying hair.  And the yarns chosen to adorn her were from the lovely packages friends had prepared for me.  The little book contains a special affirmation I had written to help give focus to my future.  The cover of the book is from paper gift wrap given to me on my birthday.