Me and my computer – a love/hate relationship!

I have been very slow to take on technology.  Part of that is due to the fact that my mind does not seem to think in a fashion that is compatible with a software designer’s way of doing things.  The way I learn best is for someone to show me how, I take notes and then I do it.  If I take this route, and I end up doing it several times, I usually manage to learn the process.  If I have trouble, then I like to find an answer in a book – a book that has pages I can turn and that sits on my bookshelf.

My iPad has aps on it that I have no idea how to use and no idea how to find out how to use them.  I touch buttons and nothing happens.  I’ve stopped purchasing aps.  Unfortunately most computer related information is not in books.  And when I use the help feature it never works for me because my question is not phrased so that the computer understands what I need.  I wish I had a grandchild who could be my computer guru and iPad coach!  I think I would be much further along in my ability to use these tools more effectively.