Ed, my husband, is a wonderful photographer.  This site showcases some of his best work.  It also presents our photo-travellogs and includes some of my photographs too.

Art Unraveled, Art Retreat

I call Art Unraveled “summer art camp” for adults!  It’s usually held the first week in August at the Embassy Suites in Scottsdale.  For eight days an amazing array of classes in a variety of art media are available in 3 hour or 6 hour sessions.  I’ve been going since 2002 and look forward to attending each year.

PaperWorks, Tucson Arts Organization

This is a wonderful community of book an paper artists who meet monthly in Tucson, Arizona.  They sponsor workshops, exhibits, study groups, monthly programs, challenges and have a member gallery on their website.

Daily Art Muse, Inspiring Craft Site

This is one of the feeds I most look forward to seeing every day.  Here you will get to see extraordinary craft well curated by the author, Susan Lomuto.    I am always inspired by the work even if it is something I’m not to crazy about.  Most of time there are links to the artists featured.

Golden Paint

Whenever I need information about acrylic paint etc.. this is the first place I visit.

Gelli Arts, Monoprinting

Last year I learned about Gelli printing when I signed up to take a class with Jane LaFazio at Art Unraveled.  Instead of using a gelatin plate she had us work on a new product – a “Gelli” plate.  It was great fun.  The Gelli blog has lots of interesting info if you are looking for an easy and fun way to monoprint without a press.

Zen Tangles, Meditative Doodling

Several years ago my sister told me about zen tangles.  They are lots of fun to draw.  If you do them as suggested, you will be making them in a meditative state and when you finish you will feel calm and centered.  I like to “tangle” when I’m away from home and having to wait – at an airport, in the doctor’s office or even at a restaurant.

Gregory Colbert, Photographer

Colbert has created some of the most beautiful and sometimes disturbing images of animals.  They were presented in an traveling exhibit.  We enjoy watching a video of the same name.  It is amazing.

Jonathan Singer, Photographer

I discovered this website after viewing a tv program that featured some of the work by Singer.  He is an amazing photographer.  If I won the lottery I would buy one of his photographs!!

Jill Berry, Artist,

Jill Berry is a friend and a fantastic teacher and artist.  She is always thinking up new and interesting ways to make art.  Her book, “Personal Geographies” resulted from her interest in maps combined with her creative inclinations.  She has several blogs – they are fun to read and stimulating for any person who likes to make art.

Beatrice Coron, Artist

Beatrice is an artist, widely acclaimed for her unique paper-cutting work.    Her work is in private collections all over the world and her unique public art installations are worth going out of your way to enjoy.  She has even been a guest on “Ted” and her presentation was one of the most enjoyable and heartfelt performances I’ve seen there.  She came to Tucson and gave PaperWorks very first workshop!

Jane LaFazio, Mixed Media & Fiber Artist

Jane is a wonderful and prolific fiber artist.  I especially love her prayer flags.

Quinn McConald, Creativity Coach

I particularly enjoy Quinn McDonald’s daily blog.  It’s the first thing I read when I wake up in the morning.  Do check this out and sign up for her daily posts.  You’ll find them most enlightening.

Victoria Pittman, Artist

Vicky Pittman is extraordinarily creative.  She is a wonderful artist, calligrapher and photographer.  She’s also a terrific teacher.  I’ve taken a number of classes with her and she never fails to deliver!

Sage Reynolds, Artist

Sage Reynolds is an extraordinary artist and his site is full of great information and art.  He came to Tucson and taught a paste paper class but I was out of town.  But everyone who was in the class was thrilled.  Do check this one out.

Barbara Rogers, Artist

Barbara Rogers is an important Tucson artist.  Her work is displayed all over the world.  There is a vast gallery on the site and I really enjoy looking at her work.