Popsicle Pen

Quick and easy to make….

When I discover that I haven’t brought my calligraphy tools to a workshop and I want to make marks or write on a project, I make a pen. It only takes a few minutes and my workshop tool box usually has scissors, masking tape and popsicle sticks(aka paint stirrers).


an empty soda can

a popsicle stick (or pencil)


masking tape

Be careful as aluminum is very sharp and makes a nasty cut.

l. Use scissors to cut off both round ends of the can.

2. Make a cut lengthwise through the metal tube.


3. Fold one end of the can over about 1” and cut it off.


4. Cut the folded strip in half. You’ll have two folded strips about 1” wide and 1.5” tall.


5. Cut out the lower right corner opposite the fold leaving the folded can area about as wide as the popsicle stick.


6. Insert the popsicle stick and tape it in place. Be sure the tape also adheres to the wood so the aluminum pen won’t fall off.


7. Trim the nib into a pen shape.


Thats all folks! Your popsicle pen is ready for service.. Use it with almost any art fluid. Thicker fluids such as acrylic paint or tempera paint may require thinning with water. Experiment with pen angles to see what kinds of strokes you enjoy making most.